10 tips to boost your productivity at work – our guide

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Have you ever experienced slow, mind-numbing days at work?

If so, the10 tips to boost your productivity at workn these 10 tips to boost your productivity at work should help.

In this day and age, we understand this can happen occasionally, but when it’s becoming a routine occurrence, urgency for change seems necessary.

Take the time to assess how your routines are impacting your daily productivity.

After all, productivity is critical to your success at work. Business owners, managers and executives all want to get the most from their employees.

1. Set aside time to plan your schedule for the next working day

Prioritise which tasks need to be completed. This can be set by deadlines on a day-to-day or weekly basis.

A schedule will help keep you organized and focused, while giving the satisfaction of crossing items off the “to-do” list.

2. Take walking breaks when you feel fatigued

Exercise is an important factor in everyday life but with your workload, there may not be enough time.

However, brief interludes from your desk can actually increase your productivity by getting your blood flowing and allows you to return to your task with fresh eyes.

3. Reduce multi-tasking

Trying to accomplish more than one task at a time can actually be more harmful than you think.

Studies by Stanford University have shown that people who try to do two or more activities at once end up becoming distracted, and the quality of their work suffers.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Minimise interruptions and remain focused. Although colleagues and clients will inevitably distract you, let them know when you have a deadline to meet and will be unavailable.

It can sometimes be as simple as keeping the door to your office closed or wearing headphones.

They will understand and it won’t risk jeopardising any work relationships.

5. Set deadlines and stick to them

As you would with your finances, budget your time to help you meet deadlines faster.

Some people who thrive under deadlines even deliberately shorten their workday by 15 minutes to ensure optimum efficiency.

It sounds like common sense but don’t spending twice as long on the lesser important tasks.

6. Avoid heavy meals

Eat high in protein, fiber and antioxidant foods gradually throughout the day.

Granola and berries will keep you full and focused.

According to the Huffington Post, research showed high-carb, high-fat and high-sugar foods taken in one go will lead to a “crash” which can affect the quality of your work.

7. Keep your work-space tidy

This will help you to stay organised and time efficient.

The time you spend looking for misplaced papers is time you could be using to complete your work.

Likewise, there are apps to assist you in categorizing and electronically organizing your email inbox.

Imagine the time you could save by no longer searching for hard-to-find emails. Here are Mashable’s top 5 favorites.

8. Learn to say No!

Imagine saving all that time, which was wasted on attending unnecessary meetings.

Ask yourself how much more work would have been completed by now? Differentiate between the meetings you need or need not attend.

You’ll find saying no can significantly increase productivity.

9. Divide and Conquer

Time is a precious but very limited resource. The way we manage our time will result in whether we meet those deadlines.

Often the workload may seem daunting so divide the large projects into little ones.

You should find completing the smaller and detailed tasks will soon add up and the finalised masterpiece will be a thing of beauty.

10. Take a proactive approach

Productivity can suffer when a crisis occurs.

Having a “can do” attitude is imperative and displays an ability or desire to be a problem solver and not a moaner.

Being organised and planning ahead will prevent poor performance.

Proactive habits will minimise the development of crises and maximise your productivity.


10 tips to boost your productivity at work – a summary

You may be an individual investigating methods of improving productivity for either yourself or employees within the workplace.

It is important to remember that there is no perfect system that will ensure your days are optimised to the max.

However, it is no secret that with time management, healthy meals to keep spirits up and a clear focus on aims and objectives with a positive “can do” attitude can achieve a great many tasks.

Applied VC are renowned for our experienced writers and accountants, consistently producing a detailed and effective service.

We believe we have maintained our quality of service by adhering to these 10 tips on a daily basis.

Feel free to contact us or stop by to tell us if any of these made it on your 10 tips to boost your productivity at work list.

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