Using social media as a start-up business

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using social media as a start-up business

In this blog we’re focusing on using social media as a start-up business.

The benefits of social media are numerous. It can be used to network, interact with customers, grow your brand’s awareness… the possibilities are endless.

And the best thing is that it costs nothing to do and could have customers flocking to your product.

But what’s the best way to go about building your brand online? Have a look at our top tips and get social media savvy…

1. Make sure your business gets on all the sites that are relevant. Most companies would benefit from being on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but they may not be perfect for everyone. If you own a restaurant then picture uploading site Instagram is great as you can entice customers in with lots of delicious food pics but it’s probably not the right tone for a funeral planner.

2. When creating your profiles don’t forget to include all relevant contact information. This could be a link to your website, your phone number, email, store address – anything that will turn your followers into customers. It’s also worth remembering to link all your social media sites up: have your Facebook URL on your Twitter page and vice versa.

3. Connect with similar companies that complement your business. There are a number of ways to do this but you could like other pages on Facebook or follow brands on LinkedIn. Use it as an online version of business networking, you could even create events and meet your friends face-to-face.

4. Before you post anything get up-to-date with the social media language. By using the # and @ functions on Facebook and Twitter you can link people or topics so potential customers are more likely to find your content.

5. Make sure to regularly post and update your profiles. People will lose interest if there is nothing going on. There is a range of information waiting to be shared on the internet so if you can’t think of anything to say then find something interesting that will draw followers to your site. Make sure to include videos and pictures if you can to keep the page exciting.

6. Always interact with your followers. Ask them questions, respond to their queries and keep up a dialogue. There’s also the opportunity to announce offers or competitions if your product lends itself to that.

7. However, when posting something check and double check anything you say. A slip up can be extremely costly to a business so it pays to be careful.

8. Don’t forget to spread the word! People are very unlikely to just stumble across your social media sites so ask your customers to get online and like or follow you. Be proactive and the news will soon spread. You could even include your Facebook address on your business cards.

Finally, it’s important to remember that social media is an excellent way of getting closer to your customers or business partners so be as friendly and charming as you would be in real life.

For advice on using social media as a start-up business tips, or business plan advice, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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